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school law and civil rights expertise you can count on

school law and civil rights expertise you can count on

school law and civil rights expertise you can count onschool law and civil rights expertise you can count onschool law and civil rights expertise you can count on

About Us

Helping Individuals in Need

I know picking an advocate for you or your child is an enormous and potentially costly decision. I pride myself on treating every client as my most important client and never allowing the cost of representation to prohibit a needy child or client from representation. I have represented 100s of students at little to no cost to client, including simple school meetings (504 and IEP), due process hearings, expulsion proceedings, federal civil rights actions, and circuit court appeals.  

I have learned that many parents and students do not realize the legal protections available to them. My goal is to help you utilize these rights through simple "plain language" explanation and enforce these rights zealously on your behalf. 

Zach's Background

 Zach was born and raised in Wisconsin where he initially completed his undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, majoring in legal studies and economics. He then moved to Philadelphia with his wife Rebecca to pursue a law degree from Drexel University. During his time at Drexel, Zach received valuable hands-on experience in special education law and special needs estate planning. He also law clerked for Judges William Stewart and Rod Smeltzer in Dunn County Wisconsin. 

Zach began his legal practice in Philadelphia focusing on special education and civil rights law. Working with Montgomery Law, LLC, through his solo practice, and contracting with various lawyers in Philadelphia, Zach has collaborated with some of the most prestigious education and civil rights lawyers in the country while working on a diverse array of complex cases. In Philadelphia, Zach managed an extensive case load while mentoring multiple talented attorneys.  Zach has also been an active member COPAA attending yearly seminars on special education and student civil rights. His success gained him significant recognition from his peers being named a SuperLawyers' Rising Star in 2019. Zach proudly maintains a 5-star client rating on Avvo. 

Zach relocated his primary practice to Wisconsin in 2019. He brings with him the experience of 100s of unique cases, including high profile federal civil rights litigation experience against some of the nations preeminent lawyers.  Zach's intention coming back home to Wisconsin is to service an area of law and community of individuals in Wisconsin that has traditionally been underserved. Zach focuses his legal practice on helping families fully utilize the educational services and remedies available to them and assist clients with any legal problems they may be facing, including any type of discrimination or abuse. Due to his unique background, Zach is familiar working with a diverse client base, handling matters in major metropolitan school districts and rural school districts, servicing clients of all socioeconomic backgrounds.  If you have any qualms about seeking help enforcing your or your child's rights Zach will meet with you at no charge and discuss the options available to you. 

Proven Results

We have litigated 100s of cases resulting in millions of dollars of relief, private school placements, substantial compensatory education funds, reversal of expulsions, and comprehensive services/accommodations for students in need.

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