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IEP / 504 Plan issues and inappropriate programming


IEP/504 Review

Is your child receiving a free appropriate public education? Is his/her IEP or 504 plan appropriate? 

We can review your child's IEP and determine whether the school is providing your child with appropriate services and help you fight for the services your child needs to succeed. Attorney Meinen has reviewed 100s of IEPs and attended multiple IEP meetings monthly for the past several years. He is familiar with the common issues that arise when Districts fail in developing appropriate programs. He can help you secure the appropriate program or secure compensation for past deficient IEPs.

Child Find

Is your child struggling in school? Have you tried to get help and the school is just not listening?

We can help you request and secure the evaluations necessary to determine your child's needs. By law School Districts have the responsibility to identify your child's special education needs -- even when your child is passing from grade-to-grade. We have extensive experience helping Parents secure identification of their Child's needs and punishing school districts for failing to identify specialized needs. These fights by our advocates have resulted in millions of dollars of educational relief for his clients.

Private Placement and School Transfers

Are you unhappy with your child's current school placement? Is your child being bullied or failing because of an inappropriate school environment? 

We can help your child secure an appropriate placement and has helped parents secure transfers and private school placements funded by school districts. Your school has the responsibility to provide your child with the services and programs needed to provide a FAPE -- if your child's school can not provide the specialized services your child requires we will help fight to get your child the placement your child needs. We have secured private placements for dozens of students, including exclusive private school placements with tuition up to $100,000 a year.