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College and University Discipline

Meinen Law has represented college students in several complex matters. We can assist with disciplinary hearings, grade and discipline appeals, and federal Due Process / Discrimination suits related to college discipline.

Students with Special Needs

Meinen Law has extensive experience helping students with disabilities defending against removals from school. The law provides extra protections for students who have a disability or students who are suspected of having a disability from removal from school based on conduct which is a manifestation of the Student's disability. 

If your student has been removed from school on the basis of disability related behavior Meinen Law can help and has helped dozens of students return to school, and in many instances, recovered equitable relief to compensate the student's illegal removal. 

K-12 Students in Public Schools

Even if your child does not have a disability they have due process rights that must be upheld when a public school district decides to expel the student. Meinen Law can help you defend your child's potential expulsion and enforce your child's due process rights.